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AiShort Introduction

🚀 Streamlining Processes: AiShort presents an accessible list of instructions, enabling swift sorting and search of pertinent prompts for various situations, thereby assisting users in refining their operational procedure.

💻 Enhancing Productivity: Users can benefit from more precise and practical feedback by utilizing our optimized prompts, thus augmenting their productive efficiency.

🌍 Optimization for Non-English Languages: Even though prompts are primarily displayed in English, we have integrated translations in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. Furthermore, we support default responses in the current language, making it easier for non-native English speakers to comprehend and utilize.

🎓 Novice-Friendly: For beginners, by simply copying and slightly adjusting the prompts before sending them to ChatGPT, the desired output can be readily obtained.

🆕 Regular Updates: The prompts of AiShort are derived from meticulously curated online selections, user submissions, and Awesome ChatGPT Prompts. They are updated periodically to provide users with fresh prompts and intellectual stimulation.

📦 Ready to Use: Visit us at

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Browser Extension​

ChatGPT Shortcut is compatible with both Chrome and Edge, offering functionality akin to the web iteration and receiving periodic updates.